Multi-Media Staging Technicians

Gap Year Opportunity Across Australia

Motivational Media Assemblies presents personal development assembly programs in high-schools across Australia.
Six positions available.

Multi-Media Staging Technicians will be:

– Attending 2 weeks training in Manly, Brisbane during mid January – learning all aspects of the job.
– The usual length of employment is from mid January till October with 1 team going through until December.
– Traveling in teams of two, driving a company van (requires a manual licence) throughout most States of Australia.
– In regular communication with Tour/Road Manager.
– Setting up and operating a 3 projector, 3 screen multi-media production at high schools, churches and other institutions.
(Co-ordinate a crew of volunteer students to help set up.)
– Maintaining positive client relations with principals, teachers, youth directors and students.
– Keeping accurate business records.
– Working with the Equipment Manager to keep van and equipment properly maintained.
– Staying in Motels/Tourist Parks (for the most part) otherwise sometimes in homes when working with Christian organisations.

For further information please contact Ewan Blair or Carl Howard on 1800 800 353,